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From Pre to Post, everything you need in a production.

Whether you're looking to train your new recruits, inform the public of your brand new product or just looking to make a splash and update your look, Three Rings Entertainment has you covered.  We take your wildest dreams and make them a reality.  We have experience producing everything from dramas and music videos to educational and advertisements.  Three Rings Entertainment is your one-stop shop for video production, everything from script writing and budgeting to directing and mastering.



A solid foundation is paramount to producing high quality content, that's where pre-production comes in.  Make sure all of the wrinkles are ironed out before getting to the next phase, without good pre-production planning, the percentage of things needing to be re-shot goes up dramatically.  Clarifying a videos scope, demographic, budget, cast, crew and equipment immediately makes the next step that much more efficient and cost-effective.  We have years of experience in pre-production procedures including:

 - Budgeting

 - Script Writing

 - Acquiring Location Permits

 - Shooting Insurance

 - Storyboarding






This is the fun part, production is where we sink our teeth in and make your dreams reality.  Lighting, camera operating, cast and crew all come together to make something dynamic, inspiring and fun.  Having been on-set for a variety of different locations and products including, automotive restoration, wildlife and nature, local lifestyle, interviews and testimonials enables us to shoot your project in unique and effective ways.  This is when we're building the blocks that will build up to create your finely tuned video production.



Finally, we get to add some sparkle and shine before letting your dream free to the world.  Motion graphics, colour correction, visual effects, music and sound design all add up to create a dynamic video you can't wait to show your clients and friends!  This is when everything comes together and we add a bit of zip and flash to make it pop to the masses.  Everything from designing and creating motion graphics, visual effects, sound design and colour correction we have you covered for final delivery.


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